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"Thank you so much for the goods. They are awesome. I am sure most of
my clients will love it. Will let you know my sales soon. " - Ms. Chandran.

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                                                            HOW TO SHAWLS CARE


     Pressing to free wrinkles :

  • Always use a pressing cloth on top of the fabric.
  • Never place a pressing iron directly on the fabric or let it rest on any embossing such as embroidery, beading, or sequins. For inflated shawls and wraps, it is best to never overtake an iron over the decoration elements either with or without a pressing cloth on top.
  • Never push steam through the shawl with a customer pressing iron. Leave any necessary steaming in the hands of a high quality dry cleaner.

     Removing down and shell Dust:

  • Gently touch or calmly clean with office tape such as ¾” Scotch Magic Tape. Do not use the roller type of de-lint devices that have heavy paste rollers. The concluding will pull delicate fibers, embroidery, and embellishment loose.

     Avoid water spotting :

  • It is best not to wear your shawl in rainy situation if at all possible. If the weather looks like it may rain, a nice solution would be to wrap your shawl in a length of unbleached muslin or impartial color scarf for carrying within a purse or bag and change once you are indoors at the occasion site. Then, you can simply check your moving bag.
  • If your shawl does show spotting from water or other runny, take it to a high superiority dry cleaner.


  • Dry clean only. Do not allow your cleaner to use wet cleaning methods, as this will surely spoil your shawl.
  • Always take your shawl to a high quality dry cleaner, never to a rapid turn around type of service.

     Shawl Storage:

  • Store folded Flat in a picture pullover bag or wrapped in a length of unbleached muslin. It is suggested to place sharp free white tissue between the folds so that beading and embroidery do not mark onto the fabric surface. Enfold a cedar bag or flake in the storage bag or muslin wrap.
  • Do not wrap your shawl on a clothes coat hanger for storage. To protect the beading and embroidery, store Flat fold only.
  • Store in a dry, never a moisture situation. To protect the fabric dye color, never store with this in plastic packaging or plastic boxes. This is especially significant in rooms with very hot environments or where high heat situations may be encountered through journey.












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