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The fashionable and versatile Paisley ponchos are perfect with any outfit for casual, travel, business and informal occasions. The exquisite and lovely Paisley ponchos are produced in a wide variety of heritage designs. These are made of fine quality fabric. Paisley design and floral motifs reflect the cultural diversity of ancient kingdoms of Northern India. Paisley ponchos are available in highly appealing and wide range of colors.


Jamawar Paisley Ponchos
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Description : Designed keeping in mind the ever changing dynamics of the industry. Our aesthetically designed products find place in domestic as well as international markets.

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                                                                                Shawls of Paisley design were in fashion for nearly 100 years. It was the woven Kashmir shawls which first caught women's imagination, with European manufacturers quick to emulate by weaving or printing.  Paisley produced shawls the most economically and for the longest period, the name becoming synonymous with the place of manufacture.

                                                                                           Paisley became famous for its paisley shawls in silk and cotton (and later in wool), which were copies of the Asian shawls sent by British soldiers serving in India. A priceless collection is on exhibit in the Paisley Museum.

                                                                                            They appealed to the mass market of the middle and eventually working classes. By 1850, Edinburgh could no longer compete with Paisley and stopped producing shawls. Norwich and France continued to produce very good quality examples.

                                                                                         Likewise Paisley ponchos  have also gained due demand among the fashion lovers. Paisley ponchos are great gift items. we offer Splendid range of Paisley ponchos in trendy colors and designs for the most discerning ones.

                                                                                         Jamawar Paisley Ponchos with intricately woven designs provides a total new look to your attire. A perfect go for every occasion. Whilst the Paisley shawl went out of fashion in the 1870s, the pattern that had adorned it continued to be popular, and began to be called the paisley pattern.

                                                                                                 The pattern now never disappears completely (you can always find it on menís ties for example), though it does have periods when it is more fashionable. One such was the summer of 2000 when Britainís high street stores were full of skimpy tops and pencil point skirts with swirling paisley design prints. 

                                                                                             We offer Best quality polyester soft & light feel Ponchos with Designer Prints and Plain colors. Enjoy this beautiful collection of Paisley ponchos. These unique and antique Paisley and Jamawar designs are a must-have fashion accessory today. Very warm and very light-weight, these ponchos will give you touch and feel of Indian Pashmina.


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  For Retail Buying, Visit our online store- www.antiquepashmina.com/PaisleyPonchos.htm 

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