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We, at Savita Exports, are a recognized

We are the Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Suppliers,  Stockiest, Trendsetters and Exporters of Women's Fashion Accessories - SHAWLS, pashmina shawls, beaded pashmina shawls, wool pashmina shawls, jacquard shawls, silk pashmina  shawls, designer pashmina shawls,  fancy shawls, viscose shawls, jamawar shawls, paisley shawls, silk beaded shawls, silk shawls, embroidered shawl, prayer shawls, bridal shawls, wedding shawls, evening shawls, mediation shawls, summer shawls, sequence shawls, ring shawl, fashion shawls, designer shawls, fringe shawls, plain shawls, cashmere shawls, beaded shawls, check shawls, lace shawls,   STOLES,  SCARVES, pashmina scarves, jamawar scarves, wool scarves, silk scarves, beaded scarves, viscose scarves, eco friendly scarves, head scarves, beaded scarves, winter scarves, turban scarves, football scarves, lycra scarves, neck scarves, hip scarves, vintage scarves, sequence scarves,    PONCHOS, jamawar ponchos, beaded ponchos, embroidered ponchos, paisely ponchos, sequence ponchos, fashion ponchos, ladies ponchos, summer ponchos, silky viscose ponchos, designer ponchos, evening ponchos,  BEDSPREADS, pashmina bedspreads, silk pashmina bedspreads, viscose bedspreads, antique bedspreads, designer bedspreads, embroidered bedspreads, paisely bedspreads, jamawar bedspreads, wool bedspreads, fancy bedspreads, pashmina wool bedspreads,  exquisitely styled and created of superior quality fabrics. These fabrics are woven in luxurious, thick double twist yarn, for longevity. With a graceful and flowing drape, embroidery embellishment, and borders of luxuriously long, hand-knotted fringes, these exclusive designer shawls, stoles, scarves, ponchos, bedspreads stand apart for their exquisite beauty and refined nature.

We present a unique collection, fancy shawls with a rustic flavor and precision craftsmanship to offer innovative designs in women shawls and try to come forth with designs to style your body! Our exquisite range encompasses all standards of skilled weaves and intricate designs. For centuries these shawls have captured the imaginations of millions of people across the globe.

Our warm and fashionable range and wholesale shawl packages is available in a spectrum of colors, designs and intricate weaves. We blend rich colors with  innovative designs, to offer a collection that is sure to enamor the on-lookers.

Our products are made from finest quality raw material and captures the vogue. Our Each piece has been created with care in contemporary interpretation of ancient motifs and a pallet of Nature inspired colors. Through their very simplicity, our golden collection impart a beautiful aura of warmth, kindness, and joy. Opulent to the eye and touch, our collection is appropriate for a wide variety of  occasions like marriages as we present a wide collection of ladies shawl, bridal shawls, according to occasion presenting formal shawls to informal shawls.

Our collection has got wide appreciation and extensive usage with our domestic as well as our international buyers. As we are fully committed to quality and the customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts work in close co-ordination with the customers to understand their specific requirements and deliver products in exact accordance. Our unrelenting efforts has help us to get recognition worldwide. We believe in providing our customers total value for money, as customer satisfaction is our end goal.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying shawls, stoles, designer scarves, ponchos, bedspreads in India and outside India for a long time. We have established years of solid grounding in exporting quality products as we are working with a single minded motto of excellence in quality at competitive prices to our customers. Satisfying them to their full. 

We are always targeted to achieve excellence in quality, magnificence in the arena of shawls, stoles, scarf, cashmere scarf, silk scarf, fashion scarves, ponchos, bedspreads leading to the complete range of Fashion Accessory. By inspecting our quality on continual basis the company has achieved mastery in providing quality items. We want to keep our customers abreast of the latest designs and fashion trends to make them leading ahead among crowd. 

Our product is an example of classic luxury combined with complete comfortability. It is a perfect piece of choice for any wearer and for wardrobe. We let our customers to make no compromise regarding quality, price, comfort, luxury, trends and anything else that you look for in your attire. The items like pashmina scarf, pashmina shawl lead you in the complete world of fashion with luxury and comfort. Pashmina shawl, cashmere shawl are the clothing accessory that make you feel abreast of the latest trends in the fashion world. Our shawl wrap are soft, luxurious and a must-have fashion accessory, Each shawl comes in a wonderfully versatile design and size. 

Our designer accessory are suited for every occassion and style. The all round impact is visible with the influx of international, and domestic products and brands in both, formal and casual wear. 

At Savita Exports we have successfully established the growth parameters owing to our commitment to excellence and emphasis on trust and clarity in all type of dealings. Our belief in commitment towards total customer satisfaction and transparency in business has helped us to achieve long term business relationships with our clients. We treat our each customer with top priority and staisfy our customers with personal attention.


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For Retail Buying, Visit our online store- www.antiquepashmina.com 

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For Retail Buying, Visit our online store- www.antiquepashmina.com
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