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Shawls By Material


Shawls By Material

Wholesalers and Exporters of all kinds of shawls in various designs, concepts, qualities and sizes.           

The boundlessness of our variety consistency of our quality has strengthened Our reputation in the market. The shawls and the wraps has captured the heart of the wearer and make us one of the most prominent exporters. The fabric for shawl is used to be of very fine wool, which is quite warm.

            We are Shawl Exporters, Shawl Manufacturer, Shawl Wholesaler & Shawls Supplier - Indian, Pashmina, Jamawar, Embroidered, Winter, Designer, Women, Paisley, Ladies, Printed, Cashmere Pashmina, Silk Pashmina, Viscose Shawls, Woollen Throws, Scarves & Stoles. We offers a wide array of trend setting products, designs and shades for every season to meet the challenging demands of the sophisticated fashion wear market.  The quality of yarns & other inputs used are very carefully chosen keeping in mind the prevailing moods in the market. 

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Starting with Pashmina which is as delicate and soft as it is warm. A luxurious pashmina shawl, wrap, or scarf is the perfect fashion accessory for any season, event or occasion! You will feel as great as you look since pashmina wool is the finest cashmere in the world. Indian Pashmina shawl is among the world's most demanded and fastest selling apparel accessories for women. Pashmina is made from the finest cashmere wool in the world. The Pashmina Shawl has to pass roughly 36 stages to reach the final shape where it becomes useable. As many as 36 categories of skilled and semiskilled professionals are involved in the process of making a Pashmina Shawl. A pashmina shawl is so soft that it is weaved mixing silk yarn to give it some stability. Pashmina shawl with silk are normally available on the market at ratios ranging from 50% - 50% to 70% pashmina and 30% silk. We stock many designs of genuine pashmina. Our products are all hand chosen to ensure quality, and so that we can guarantee your satisfaction. We can focus on offering you the best values on quality Grade.

Cashmere is a different kind of superior quality wool and is not to be linked to pashmina. The origin of shawls in the world can be traced back more than 700 years, it's not confirmed to say when and where and by whom the first shawl was made. Cashmere shawls are one of the most famous shawls in india. One can find a complete range of design and color in cashmere shawls. The Cashmere Shawl is a garment capable of appearing the most feminine and graceful in the world. Cashmere or Kashmir shawls were of a very soft fabric made from the wool of the Cashmere goat. It was not until quite the close of the last century, that Cashmeres were prized in Europe. It is said that in the year 1787, the ambassadors of Tippoo Saib left behind them at Paris a few Cashmere shawls- intended as gracious presents we presume. The loom on which a Cashmere shawl is woven is of the rudest and most primitive description. You can have comfort and warmth while you add to the beauty of your own with these fashionable shawls.

Pashmina wool, also known as cashmere wool world over is the softest, most luxurious and the best wool in the world. This royal luxury is being offered in wide variety of shawls, stoles and sweaters. The premium quality wool pashmina shawl is developed by great artisans who have inherited this craftsmanship from generations. It gives a very soft feel when drapped around.

Exemplary designs and the adroit craftsmanship of Indian designers and artisans have given the birth to new line of Indian fashion accessory which is elegant, captivating and defines attitude of individuals to make a ravishing statement. Beaded Pashmina Shawl owing to its commitment to excellence and emphasis on trust and clarity in all type of dealings has raised their demand in the world of fashion.

Our unusual, rare and spirited collection of jamawar shawls showcase contemporary trends, purity of value and legacy of craftsmanship to evoke the essence of a woman. Our assortment of Jamawar shawls include Paisley Shawls, Jacquard Shawls, Viscose Jamawar Shawls. The collection presents absolutely perfect items with just a right touch of luxury to present as meaningful personal, bridal and business gifts. Jamawar Shawls with intricately woven designs provides a total new look to your attire. Available in a variety of designs and made with pure wool, Pashmina silk, Cashmere silk and wool, cotton etc, these shawls help you showcase your oomph in totality.

Viscose Shawls are the new generation Shawls, hot favourite among the youth. Viscose Shawls are designed according to latest trends. But this, in no way, deter the other age segments from enjoying its class. These are available vibrant patterns. They are an add-on to complement your attire. Made up of wool woven tight patterns, Our range of designer ladies shawls are an excellent accessory for any occasion. Our elegant designs and quality of wool has made our brand well-known among all classes in society. They are available in variety of designs forming a blend of beauty and grace. Viscose Shawls are best suited for lively occasions as they provide warmth along with the elegant look. 

We present a range of variety of embroidered shawls that gives a feel so eloquent in expression that can enhance the personality of the wearer. They can be draped all over during chilly winters to prevent the cold and savor the warmth it exuberates. The perfect add-on to make a fashion statement, these are made of Pashmina silk, Cashmere wool and pure wool. Exquisitely Embroidered Shawls created by the finest artisans of Kashmir and India.The flowing hand floats with attractive designs can be draped across the shoulders with grace for special evenings. 

Our team of craftsmen have excelled in the art of making fine artistic designs on the beaded shawls using beads of different types and colors. Great care is taken to ensure that every piece is a masterpiece in itself. Shawls are also embellished using various tassels, sequins, beads, glitter and zircons as well. These designs add pride and beauty to our range of shawls. Viscose shawls are crafted with intricate patterns reflecting extra ordinary richness and elegance. In case of machine embroidered shawls, the softwares used employ digitizing which automatically digitize and sequence multiple sections for the designs. This not only enables fine finish but speedier production of the items as well. Owing to the unique beauty that they display, the demand of embroidered shawls has immensely risen in both domestic as well as foreign markets.

‘Silk’ the very name emanates richness. Silk is considered as one of the most esteemed fabric in India. And true to its name it brings richness to the ensemble, as a whole. Silk shawls make any outfit look more appealing. Embroidery makes it look extravagant. These types of shawls are more like a style statement. They give your dress more glory. Hence it is more sought after for style and fashion..

The Silk Pashmina is the glory of the Pashmina world, the shawl which took the western world with "storm in fashion". With our finest collection, we bring you the latest silk pashmina shawls in inticing designs. The collection of silk pashmina shawls available in various colors adds charm. Pure silk shawls can keep you warm through out the season and can match any casual outfit. 

The sheen of Silk and softness of Pashmina will captivate you to buy all pashmina colors. We present an entire array of shawls made of Pure Pashmina Wool as well as in Silk Pashmina in all possible colors, decorated with embroidery work, bead work. Silk Pashmina Shawls are designed according to latest trends. One can wear then casually or occasionally. These silk pashmina shawls are avaialble in beautiful designs. Fashionable Silk Pashmina shawls can have comfort and warmth while you add to the beauty of your own.

Pashmina is famous for its luxurious softness and lustre. The Pasha Pashmina collection boasts of a great variety: Designer pashmina shawls represents the Royal, vogue and classic collection available in magic collection of shawls so fine that they can pass through a ring. A luxurious pashmina shawl, wrap, or scarf is the perfect fashion accessory for any season, event or occasion! You will feel as great as you look since pashmina wool is the finest cashmere in the world. You will not find "viscose" or any imitation items here.

We unveil our scintillating range of jacquard shawls that epitomize sophistication and elegance. Possessing a lot of style and character, shawls made of jacquard, a lovely fabric with intricately woven designs imparts a distinguished look to the attire. Jacquard is a fabric with an intricately woven pattern, created with the help of a special loom or the method employed in the weaving of a figured fabric. Lovely fabrics with intricately woven designs makes jacquard shawls a product that is available in an ever-increasing pool of design. Our hot fashion fancy shawls available in graceful designs accentuates your special evenings. Not only this shawl is one of the most sought-after fashion items, but it is also put to practical and decorative use providing beauty, warmth and most of all, prestige. The mesmerizing and intricate cutwork on our exquisite range of jacquard shawls by our agile and dexterous craftsmen will infuse a charismatic appeal to the wearer's personality.

The Fancy Shawl is the most modern of the Native American ladies' dances, and gives young ladies the opportunity to demonstrate their individual agility and grace. Beadwork is often a compliment to the shawl. Indian fashion has been attracting international attention for some time.fancy shawls are designed to give Indian shawls industry a serious corporate structure and to attract both local and international buyers of Indian designer wear. We make it easy and affordable to liven up your wardrobe with a stylish fancy wrap. Our designers mesh traditional designs with modern style go beyond the expectations of our clients.

Find All kinds of Shawls in various blends and designs at AntiqueShawls.com !

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