ELabore by Savita Exports offering following Plain qualities which can be solid dyed and printed(screen printing, digital printing and hand painting) as per your requiremements. We can do customized designs/colours as per your requirement.

  • 100% wool(Matty)
  • 100% wool(Twill)
  • 50% silk/50% wool
  • 50% silk/50% wool blended
  • 90% wool/10% silk blended
  • 80% wool/20% silk blended
  • 70% wool/30% silk blended
  • 75% viscose/25% wool
  • cotton/modal
  • 100% modal(Matty)
  • 100% modal(Twill)
  • 70% modal/30%wool
  • 85% modal/15% silk
  • modal/linen
  • 90% Modal/10% Cashmere
  • 100% fine wool diamond weave
  • 100% Ultra Fine Wool(Matty Weave)
  • 100% Ultra Fine Wool(Twill Weave)
  • 60% Cotton/25% wool/15% silk
  • 75% fine wool/15% silk/10% cashmere
  • 60% fine wool/30% silk/10% cashmere
  • 100% Cashmere

and many more new weaves in 100% wool.Request a Qoute



   Silk Plain Shawls


ELABORE presents plain shawls in silk material. Silk, which has always been known as a royal material, is great for plain shawls. Plain shawls are simple but yet very smart. When worn with a dress,
it definitely.....           » more

Pashmina Plain Shawls


Pashmina known as, “ The soft gold” is very soft and warm. Pashmina is a very fine material and has been used for years. Plain pashmina is highly fascinating because of its quality.....                  » more

   Cashmere Plain Shawls

Plain cashmere shawls are such that they can add grace to any kind of dress. These are plain but look highly luxurious. These make you look so great that you earn appreciation wherever you go. Cashmere is known to be very soft and that is.....          » more

Viscose Plain Shawls

Viscose is a material that is good in quality but cheap in price. These plain viscose shawls are very smart and look very sophisticated on wearers. So, look very smart by wearing our plain viscose shawls.....   » more


   Silk Pashmina Plain Shawls

Silk Pashmina
Plain though simple but looks very smart. Savita Exports under its brand Elabore also offers silk pashmina plain shawls. This material for shawls is very short but at the same is lusty. Because of these qualities silk pashmina.....               » more

Angora Plin Shawls

Shawl is known to be one of the most beautiful fashion accessory and plain angora shawls are most adored in women. It has got extra soft quality and keeps the person warm who is wearing it.....           » more


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Your shawls in plain designs are trendy enough to define a fashion statement alone.Thanks for quick shipping and friendly services. Mr.Rawat

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Wholesale Shawls, Scarves, and Ponchos for your Store-A house of complete range of fashion accessories!!!!

Our superb plain Shawls are distinct for their refined style, polished elegance, and thrilling creativity. The very excellent wool shawls, stoles, and wraps gathered here are quite beautifully fashioned with sensitive creativeness, prosperous patterns of texture, shadow, and glow, and are woven in deluxe textiles.

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